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Heathrow VIP Service
Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the service?


Heathrow VIP is available to book for those travelling on First or Business class flight tickets, with all airlines flying to/from Heathrow Airport. The service is not available to those flying Economy or Premium Economy class. Children may use the service, but those under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

How much does it cost?

Prices for the Black service start at GBP £2,750 + VAT for up to 3 persons for an arriving or departing flight, as well as those on flights connecting within 3 hours.

How do I book the service?

Our online booking tool is available 24/7; please complete the booking form for submission.  Once your booking is received, our team will review the details and a confirmation email will be sent if we are able to accept the booking. When making the booking we will require details of everyone in your party (names, dates of birth, nationalities, passport numbers and passport expiry dates), your flight number, seat class and airline booking reference, and the names of any friends who come to greet you. We will also want to know how many bags you will be travelling with and (if not included in your chosen package) details of the UK address for the chauffeur service (when included), or your independently booked driver details. If you do not know about bags and cars when you book, you can let us know nearer the time but with at least 24 hours’ notice. If you need any assistance to make a booking, please contact our Reservations Agents on +44(0)20 8897 3000 or email The team is available from 05:30 - 22:30 GMT daily.

What can I expect for an Arriving flight service?


Your flight is landing at Heathrow
• We meet you from your aircraft, either on the air-bridge or at the foot of the aircraft steps.
• We take your baggage tags and drive you to your VIP suite by private luxury chauffeur-driven car. Meanwhile our baggage team arranges the collection of your bags.
• We show you to your own private lounge where you can relax with refreshments .
• We show your passport and other documents to immigration officials. You are present but do not need to take an active part unless they require more information or additional checks.
• After the formalities of customs and immigration are over, you are free to leave the airport and continue your journey. We will tell you as soon as we know.
• Your chauffeur vehicle can take you to any address in the UK (bookings at additional cost and subject to availability). Alternatively, your own driver can enter our private forecourt 30 minutes before your scheduled landing time to be ready in time for your arrival.
• Please note: Chauffeur vehicles included are on request and are subject to availability and are allocated based on the number of seats available for booked guests, for a distance of up to 25 miles. Additional vehicles (including baggage vans) and additional mileage may be required and would be at an additional cost upon booking. The chauffeur service is provided by a third-party supplier, Wilson James.


Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further details.

What can I expect for a Departing flight service?

Your flight is leaving from Heathrow
• You will be met at a pre-arranged time and address and transferred directly to Heathrow Airport by luxury chauffeured vehicle.
• Please note: Vehicles included are on request and are subject to availability and are allocated based on the number of seats available for booked guests, for a distance of up to 25 miles. Additional vehicles (including baggage vans) and additional mileage may be required and would be at an additional cost upon booking. The chauffeur service is provided by a third-party supplier, Wilson James. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further details.
• If your own chauffeur is driving you to Heathrow, please let us know your driver’s name and car registration number so that we can ensure smooth access to the VIP suite. Failure to provide details could lead to delays. If you are driving yourself, you will need to book the airport valet service before you travel. Let us know, and we can arrange this for you. Parking at Heathrow VIP is for drop-off and pick-up only.
•To be sure of catching your flight, please arrive at your Heathrow VIP suite at least 90 minutes before your flight time. Late arrivals risk missing their flight. If you would like to go shopping or need to reclaim VAT, you should arrive two hours before your flight. Please let us know in advance about your shopping and VAT needs. If you require a longer duration at Heathrow VIP please contact our booking team for a bespoke price.
• We greet you upon arrival and escort you to your private lounge
• We organise your luggage and place it in the care of your airline. We hand the baggage tags to you so you can pick up your bags at your destination.
• We arrange check-in with your airline, for which we will need your passports and any boarding requests
• You are free to relax in your private lounge, order food and drink, go shopping or pass the time however you please
• Before your flight, we escort you through our own Heathrow VIP security channel. Normal UK security rules apply. To find out more, visit
• You travel to your aircraft by luxury chauffeur-driven car. Please note: Please let our team know should you prefer to board your flight early, first pre-boarding requests are at the airlines discretion.
• We present you to your airline and commit you to their care.

What can I expect for a 'Transit' or Connecting flight service?

You are connecting from one flight to another at Heathrow
• You enjoy the benefits of arriving and departing guests. We manage all the formalities, you travel to and from your aircraft by private luxury chauffeur-driven car and you enjoy the same drinks and snacks.
• The service for connecting guests runs for up to three hours. If the break between your flights is likely to be longer, please book an additional three hour service for an additional charge.


What happens at check-in, security, immigration and customs?

Heathrow VIP gives you back your time while you are at the airport. One of the ways we do that is by managing all the formalities on your behalf. We try to organise things in a way that keeps your involvement to the minimum and which maintains privacy and discretion at all times. On occasions, officials from Border Force or customs will want to speak with you directly or conduct security searches. These are events that we cannot avoid.

Check-in: When you arrive, we take your passports, your flight details and your luggage, and hand everything over to your airline for checking in. They weigh, tag and process your bags, and issue us with your boarding cards and baggage tags. We return your passports, boarding cards and baggage tags to you.

Security: We have our own private security lanes within our Heathrow VIP suites. We will give you plenty of notice to make sure you go through security in good time to catch your flight. The rules for Heathrow VIP guests are the same as for all other passengers.

When you pass through security, you have a choice. We can take your hand luggage and personal possessions for X-Ray inspection or you can keep them by your side until they are ready to go through the X-Ray scanner. You and everyone in your party will have to step through a body scanner. If necessary, our security staff may ask to search you. We have a private room for this.

Immigration: We show your passports and other documentation to Border Force officers. Depending on circumstances, they may ask to see you. They will expect you to answer their questions and comply with any requests.

Customs: You will be subject to standard UK customs declarations whilst using the VIP Suite, however you will be processed at Heathrow VIP and the liaison with customs being organised by the VIP Team should you have anything to declare or any specific requirements.

What food and drink are available? Your Heathrow VIP service includes a range of complimentary food and drinks. We serve food and drink all day between 05:00 and 22:00 from our own exclusive menu. All dishes on our menu have been designed by our own executive chef and prepared by his experienced team using fresh, locally sourced seasonal ingredients. By offering a great selection ranging from light snacks to more indulgent options, we help you feel as relaxed at Heathrow VIP as you would be in your own home. We also offer a fine selection of wines, beers, mixers and champagnes as well as fresh juices and soft drinks. If you have any special requests or dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.


Can I go shopping?


At Heathrow we have so much retailing choice, it can be helpful to have an expert guide – especially one who is fluent in your language. Our multilingual team of personal shoppers are here to help you get the most from your airport shopping. A personal shopper knows where to find your favourite brands, and can offer helpful style advice and tips for perfect gifts. They will guide or accompany you on a shopping trip – or do your shopping for you. If time is tight or you prefer to stay in the comfort of your lounge, your personal shopper will pick up what you need. Just ask, and we will arrange everything for you.


Can non-travelling guests meet or greet me whilst enjoying the service?


You can invite two non-travelling friends to meet you in your lounge. They may arrive up to 15 minutes before you and should leave once you have departed.

Will Heathrow VIP guests be impacted by the new Heathrow Terminal Drop-Off charges being introduced in November 2021?


Heathrow VIP guests will not be impacted by these terminal drop-off charges. If Heathrow VIP guests find themselves on the main Heathrow forecourt, so long as they have a valid Heathrow VIP booking scheduled that day there will be a 100% discount on the Terminal Drop-Off Charge, as this is included as part of the Heathrow VIP service.

Heathrow VIP Terms and Conditions apply, please see here.

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